Homemade Mushroom Jerky

Homemade Mushroom Jerky is super easy to make, very customizable, and WAY cheaper than buying it. Here's how I make it, in 2 different flavors: Teriyaki Mushroom Jerky, and Smoky Mushroom Jerky!

YOU WILL NEED: Portabello Mushrooms Soy Sauce Seasoned Rice Vinegar Sesame Oil Brown Sugar Honey Ginger Paste Garlic Paste Black Pepper Onion Powder   Red Pepper Flakes (This is for the Teriyaki version, see the linked recipe for the smoky marinade ingredients!)

In a medium bowl, whisk together the marinade ingredients. I tend to make both of my marinades at the same time, as pictured.

Wash mushrooms, remove the stems, and scrape off the gills.

Trim the mushroom stems - if desired - and cut caps and stems into 1/4" slices (or a little thicker).  

Place mushroom pieces in a large ziplock baggie. Pour marinade into the bag of mushroom slices, seal, and gently shake to coat all of the pieces. Squeeze out any excess air, seal, and chill for at least 1 hour.  (Better if longer!)

Strain the mushroom slices, arrange on your dehydrator trays, leaving plenty of space between each.

Dehydrate, following your dehydrator’s manufacturer instructions and the linked recipe.