Maple Syrup Caramel Apples

Maple syrup caramel apples are a fun twist on traditional caramel apples. This delicious maple caramel apples recipe uses real maple syrup - and a few other basic ingredients - and is easy to make.

YOU WILL NEED Large apples Light brown sugar Pure maple syrup Unsalted butter Heavy cream Vanilla extract Salt

See the linked recipe for more details on types of apples, etc.

Simmer everything except the apples and vanilla together, until it reaches the right temperature.

As the maple syrup caramel is cooking, prepare your apples for dipping.

Stir the vanilla in, then gently dip the apples in the maple caramel.  Set on parchment.

Once set, remove caramel apples from parchment and enjoy, or wrap in cellophane to enjoy later.

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