Easy Glazed Halloween Popcorn

This colorful glazed Halloween popcorn mix is easy to make and a fun  treat to eat.  Featuring 3 different flavors, it's also customizable - A  perfect treat for your Halloween parties!

YOU WILL NEED: Popped popcorn Granulated sugar Light corn syrup Unsalted butter Orange Jello Powder Lime Jello Powder Grape Jello Powder Optional:   Orange, green, &  purple food colouring Confectionery Eyeballs

Whisk the orange set of glaze ingredients together in a small pot, boil 5 minutes.

Tint the glaze darker if you'd like, then stir into 1/3 of the popcorn.

While the orange glazed popcorn is setting, repeat with the lime batch.

While the lime popcorn is cooling, repeat one last time with the grape popcorn.

Once all the popcorn has cooled and set, mix it all together in a large pot or bowl. Add candy eyes if desired

Happy Halloween!

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